Certain values guide the actions we take at Bulle et Baluchon; they are all related to one another and serve as guidelines for the implementation of our mission:
  • Consultation
  • Consistency
  • Empowerment
  • Equality
  • Respect
For Bulle et Baluchon, preventing violence against children is considered to be a social responsibility. Everyone should feel responsible for the safety of the children in our society. It is not only those in our inner circles who deserve our attention and help, but anyone who appears to be in need.  Everyone's intervention is necessary, no matter how small it might seem. According to us, all sectors must work together to better protect children.
As an organization, we strive for consistency in the actions we choose to take. If the prevention of violence against children is a social responsibility, it is fundamental for Bulle et Baluchon to have our workshops accessible to all adults that are in contact with children. Thus, each workshop offered to a group of children is accompanied by a workshop offered to parents and school staff, facilitators, educators, or workers who accompany them. For us, it is important that all adults speak the same language. The more informed adults there are, the more children will be protected. These well-equipped adults will take over the intervention strategies for the children around them once the Bulle et Baluchon workshops are finished. The importance of the consistency in the actions taken by us and by the whole community comes from the fact that the protection of children is also a legal responsibility.
This term refers to the power that everyone must find their own solutions and to take care of themselves. Here, we believe that every person already has the resources they need within them to solve the problems they face. Sometimes it is enough just to support the person's own steps, rather than imposing solutions that may otherwise not appeal to them.  Likewise, we believe that well-equipped children and adults can gain more power over their lives when facing situations of violence against children.
Just as adults have rights, children do too, and these rights deserve respect. Our consideration towards children must be equal to that of adults. Even if they are more vulnerable and dependent, children are their own person and equal to adults. Everyone in our society has the right to live safely.
During our interventions with adults and children in our community, respect for everyone is always required. While facilitating of our children's workshops, we strive to value each and every person present as much as possible. One of the objectives is to show the children how much we value their experiences, their realities, and what they have to tell us.
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